Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Logo: Blue Roof Books!

Blue Roof Books is a rare book resale company. The owner hired me to create a logo for his business:

Creating a logo is a really fun process. I like having to really cut back all the complexities of an image allowing me to come up with a very simple, clean, and original design.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wedding invites!

I just completed illustrating/designing a postcard/wedding invitation for an awesome couple here in Portland, OR. The couple has a little thing for wolves and when they came to me they knew they wanted something having to do with two wolves play fighting. Pretty cute...

So I came up with three drawings of wolves play fighting asking them to choose one that they likes best:

Option # 1
Option # 2
Option # 3

They liked option #1 but wanted to see only the wolves faces not their whole bodies. So I came up with this:

After that I did a color study:

They liked it but they requested that the sky be a little more "sunset-y" and that the moon be in the phase that it will actually be on their wedding evening! Great idea! I love working with a client who who has such constructive ideas. Anyway here is the final postcard design:

 Thanks for looking!