Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hello blog followers! I have exciting news! I have integrated my blog into my new website: margauxmeganck.com. So now you can access my blog through there or this link: http://margauxmeganck.com/blog/. Happy posting!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

More book illustrations?!

Here is the process work for yet another illustration. This is a composition you have seen before if you follow my blog but the execution here is new, bigger, and better! I needed to create a more polished final to include in the dummy for my book. So here is the old, smaller execution of this piece:

I then transferred this drawing to a larger board:

Starting to add some shading:

Getting closer to finishing the drawing:

 Adding ink washes:

Pastel over the ink washes:

Refining the pastel drawing:

Adding the little bit of color to the drawing:

Some digital alterations for the final and tadaa:

Nearly ready to submit!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Process for (another) book illustration!

Here's the process for another of my book illustrations.
So back in the fall I worked out the thumbnail sketch for this piece. You can see it here, and here you can see the small scale color concept piece.

To submit my dummy I need a few final images of my illustrations to show the publisher what I am capable of and to give them an idea of what to expect as far as quality. So I took my small scale color concept for this illustration and made it into a full sized illustration.

I made a couple compositional changes for this one.

-I added more hands in different positions because I received feedback that former hand appeared to be taking away the jar rather than putting it down. I also wanted to show multiple people bringing jars for the boy to use, rather than just the one.

-I added the cat, as I want to him to appear at least once on every page spread. (As a child I always enjoyed having something to search for on every page).

-I also added more white space in the upper right hand corner as that is where the text will float.

Now for the process, I started with the graphite drawing with ink washes over top:

Then I started adding color with watercolor under paintings to select areas:

Then for the pastel color and value:

Starting to block out white areas with gesso:

And for the final I added some pastel shadows/reflections over top of it all (finally those jars are grounded):

One final illustration closer to being ready to submit my manuscript/dummy to publishers. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finished Illustration

Hey here's the final result of that piece I have been working on for my book:

Orange sunset in an orange world.
Since you saw it last I added color to the sky with watercolor washes and pastel rubs. Then darkened some shadows, and added reflective orange highlights to their gray skin. Then I scanned the piece in and did some digital levels manipulation to save the shape of the silhouette. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Progress and Process (on my book)

Here's some progress and process work for the latest piece I have been working on for my book.
This is the drawing from my last post with light india ink washes put over top. I do this to build up/establish my values, and to reinforce the drawing:

Next I added watercolor washes to the areas of color:

Then I start adding highlights and form to the colorful areas with pastels and Conte pencils:

It's coming together guys! Here are some detail shots:

Next up: I'll tackle that sky. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Back to Normal (and back to work!)

Well, for those of you who follow my blog you are probably aware that I recently moved back to Portland after a few months in Richmond, VA. In Richmond I was attending The Art Department, an art education institution with a student body almost as inspirational and talented as it's awe inspiring and humbling professors. To the student body and the professors, thank you, you are rock stars.

After coming home I had to get my life back in order. Between the holidays, paying bills, moving furniture, seeing friends, setting up my etsy store, moving more furniture, getting through a doozy of a cold immediately followed by a week of crazy weather I have had my fair share of set backs. But now I can finally report that things are as they should be. I have finally been able to establish some normalcy and routine to my life. As a result I am actually able to get work done!
I for sure ate all but one of those cookies today. And that mug of tea is as big as my head. Things are swell...

It feels great to have some control over my work flow again. This is the piece I worked on today:

work in progress...
It's a work in progress for the book I am going to be shopping around to publishers real soon. This page is going to be almost completely monochromatic.The children are sitting on a junk heap of abandoned orange objects and they are watching a brilliant sunset. More updates to come on this piece.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seven Cards!

Seven card designs for seven different occasions! These are all my designs printed locally at digicraft, a local print shop that does high quality printing here in Portland. I have been pursuing some of these designs for a couple years now. After many requests I finally decided to print them out en mass so I can now distribute them to a wider audience:

These cards are now available in SE Portland at Mag Big on Hawthorne and Kruger's Produce Stand on Hawthorne. They are also available online at my etsy shop. The latter has the best price per card than you can find anywhere else! Thanks!