Monday, December 10, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Birds-mas!

Birds for sale! Email me at to reserve one! First come first serve!

           So I hand painted a ton of these bird ornaments. I really love how they turned out, and I was planning on selling them on, but through word of mouth they sold too quickly. So now I have only one of each bird left in stock and I thought I would put it out there to friends and followers and other people before posting them to Etsy. They are $30 each. Would make great gifts. I love doing these so I will more than likely make new ones every xmas so you could eventually collect quite a menagerie of them. Happy holidays!

Here's the cardinal:
Cardinal in tree!
Cardinal front

Cardinal side

Cardinal back
Cardinal signed and dated

The Anna's Hummingbird:
Hummingbird in a tree!
Hummingbird front

Hummingbird side

Hummingbird back

Hummingbird signed and dated
The Partridge:
Partridge in a (non pear) tree!
Partridge front
Partridge side

Partridge back

Partridge signed and dated
 And the Barn Owl:
Barn Owl in a tree!
Barn Owl front

Barn Owl Side

Barn Owl back
Barn Owl signed and dated

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Woodsman Kickstarter

For the past year I have been working on a self publishing project titled "The Woodsman." The author,  Shaun Brennan, had a lovely manuscript waiting for an illustrator who would follow through with the entire process of making a book. We met through a friend a little over a year ago, and now we have a real live book just waiting to be printed!

Hence our kickstarter page we started. It has the express purpose of getting enough money to print and distribute the book! The page is up for 30 days starting today, and surprisingly we actually hit our projected donation amount in (gasp) the first ten hours! We can still use any help you can give to get the book printed. The more money we get, the more books we will print! You can pre-order a book or check out the different donation rewards at the page so please check it out! If you can't donate please share the page to get the word out! Thank you so much. Shaun and I both are overwhelmed with your generous support.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Museum Exhibit: Historical Portraits

For the past couple of months I have been working very hard on twelve historical portraits of various historical figures of colonial upstate New York. You can see that some of the figures are Native Americans of the Seneca nation, while some are colonists of various European descent. I had a lot of fun researching this project and working with the staff of the museum to come up with historically accurate clothing, props, hair, etc.

I did the images all traditionally in graphite, watercolor and ink. The portraits will be displayed life size throughout the exhibit amongst various props and setting displays of the time. I am so excited to have been a part of this project. If you find yourself in the Finger Lakes Region of New York please stop by the Ontario County Historical Museum. This exhibit is slated to go up in December. YAY!

Oliver Phelps

Arent VanCurler

Catherine Montour


Louis Joncaire

Marquis Denonville

Mary Jemison

Pieter Schuyler

William Johnson

Red Jacket

Seneca Man

Seneca Woman

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Winter is coming...

I am trying to come up with some winter/holiday themed cards. Since Game of Thrones is SO popular right now I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make a "winter is coming" card.

This little guy is terrified of the prospect of a multi-year long hibernation!

happy impending holidays!

...there just aren't enough acorns in the world.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

English language textbook illustrations

I have been doing some illustrations for a textbook company that makes English language textbooks for students in southeast Asia. The textbooks cover very basic concepts and the illustrations are supposed to explain the meaning of certain vocabulary.

The following are a few of these illustrations I have done over the course of the spring/summer: 
animals that live on the farm

telling stories around a campfire

visiting the aquarium

visiting the zoo
These were all done very quickly, but still traditionally in graphite, watercolor, and ink!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Proposal Rock, Neskowin, OR.

My family has owned a beach house on the coast of Oregon for my entire life. Neskowin is a beautiful little community inconveniently built in a flood zone... we are currently struggling with the reality of rising ocean tides. This is the view from our front porch looking south.

Proposal Rock

This was done in graphite with watercolor and ink layered over top, my preferred way of working lately.

Dog Portrait!

It has been SO long since my last post. Summer is Oregon is amazing and I had a very hard time tearing myself away from the outdoors during my free time. But I did get lot of work done, you will be seeing proof as a catch up with posting!

Here's a portrait I did of a friend's dog:
Her name's Kiska, she's real cute. This was done in graphite with watercolor and ink layered over top. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Heights"

This is my entry for Illustration Friday's weekly prompt. This week's prompt: "Heights."

Way up high!

Hope you like it I used watercolor, graphite, and ink.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Modern Storytime

Hey everyone I am trying to experiment with style and wanted to try out pen and ink with watercolor washes. I also wanted to update my portfolio with pieces that I could see working for both editorial illustration as well as picture book illustration. Anyway, let me know what you think!

For this one I did a pen and ink drawing and washed over it with watercolors. The glow of the reading device is done with colored pencil. Simple, easy and quick!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Cards!

For the past couple of weeks I have been designing/printing/painting Valentine's Day cards like a maniac. This Friday (Feb 10th) I will be selling them at the annual Portland Love Show at the Launch Pad Gallery from 7pm-12am! So bring a can of food to donate, come take in some fabulous love related art, eat some snacks and buy some hand painted Valentine's Day cards.

Here's a sneak peak of some of my cards:

Each card is a little original as they are each hand painted. They sell for $6 each and I have a few never before seen designs I'll be debuting at the show. See you there!

Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Poe Show" Theatre Poster

I recently finished a project for The Free Theatre company here in Portland, OR. They are putting on a show right now titled "The Poe Show" which is an amazing musical about Edgar Allan Poe's life. It's a dark story of love and loss.
"Poe Show" theatre poster

Consumption was a major theme throughout the musical, as Poe lost the three women closest to him to the deadly disease. One of the few props featured in the production is a blood stained handkerchief, which is passed from victim to victim as she meets her demise. I decided the handkerchief needed just as prominent of a role in the poster as it had in the production.

I executed this piece with a calligraphy pen/ink with watercolor washes and colored pencil over top. Thanks for looking!