Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Logo for C.A.T.S & D.O.G.S!

Hello everyone! I recently got my first logo job. I have done logo work in the past in collaboration with Z.bru Studios from Spokane, WA. They hired me to do the artwork for this logo.
This most recent project I did was for a project entitled CATS&DOGS which stands for Coping AT Schools and Dissemination Of Good Skills. It's a wonderful program helping Philadelphia area school counselors give anxiety treatment to their students.

These are the three thumbnail ideas I came up with right off the bat:

Concept #1
Concept #2

Concept #3

They chose number three and with a couple requested additions I came up with a final drawing:
logo cuteness!

Which they loved, so I quickly brought my image into photoshop/illustrator and made the final logo!
The final product
It was a pleasure working on this logo and I can't wait to do the next.