Sunday, March 20, 2011

Business Cards!

I feel like a true business woman now. I have business cards! They were a last minute project as I needed something to hand out at a recent show.

This initial batch is just on card stock printed out at the local print shop. But I think I am going to send this design off to modern postcard or vistaprint and get them printed off nicely in bulk. Actually, if any of you have recommendations as to where I should get them printed please let me know. I'll keep you posted on that experience and let you know how they turn out. I did all the design/artwork for both cards so if any of you like what you see and need a business card designed, please contact me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Board Game Illustration!

Hello, one of my favorite things about being an illustrator is that (at this beginning stage) every job I get is completely different from the last. I am having a wonderful time feeling my way around the industry and discovering what area of illustration works best for me. The last job I had was to design a logo for a board game entitled "Murder Madhouse Mystery."

After the logo design I agreed to do the box top illustration as well as the design work for the entire box. This was a blast and I am looking forward to exploring this area of illustration in the future. The game inventor wanted the game to have a 1920's "Great Gatsby" feel to it. Looking at 1920's architecture and fashion led me to this illustration, which I painted in Acrylic and touched up with colored pencil.

Good luck Patrick getting the game published, I hope to see it on shelves some day soon!