Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finished Illustration

Hey here's the final result of that piece I have been working on for my book:

Orange sunset in an orange world.
Since you saw it last I added color to the sky with watercolor washes and pastel rubs. Then darkened some shadows, and added reflective orange highlights to their gray skin. Then I scanned the piece in and did some digital levels manipulation to save the shape of the silhouette. Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow. This is so wonderful Margaux! You keep growing and growing as an artist! I'm so happy you're being brave and creating art while making a life. The world is a much richer place graced as it is with your creations! Well done! xo -S

    1. Sherrie, the love and support of family and friends helps motivate me to keep trying to get better. So thank you for your kind words!