Friday, September 20, 2013

Character Ideation

This is a fun exercise in character ideation that I have been employing. First you take a mid-toned surface and scribble on it with some kind of media (dark in value) that you can be very loose with. For me this was india ink and a thin, long bristle, round brush. Scribble with a form in mind, but without thinking or trying too hard to create an actual, logical form. So I scribbled with the idea of creating a human shape, but you can see my initial scribbles were very loosey goosey:

Then I cut into the scribble forms with a white ink pen. Defining the form that I saw within the scribbles. Cutting more and more until I found the form that looked right to me:

These are some of the figures I found. They may not all work for the characters I am creating now, but they are all inspiring and may help create characters for future stories. It's a fun exercise, allowing yourself to just be loose with mark making and form creation.


  1. That is a great exercise! I do that a lot with very soft blue lead pencils

  2. why the blue lead pencils? any reason in particular?