Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adventures in Character Design

People are SO difficult to draw (for me at least). I have particularly struggled with creating characters from my imagination who look the same from page to page. SO for my next book I plan on fully preparing myself in the character design department. So...

Meet Del:

He is made of Sculpey.

 He is not yet painted.

 I hope I can make him look this adorable every time I draw him.

And he is about to go on a great adventure!

I saw that this is something that a lot of illustrators do including James Gurney, author and illustrator of Dinotopia (and a personal hero of mine). It helps to create believable characters over and over again. I can light and photograph this little guy from any angle for reference! Here's hoping it helps...


  1. I love that you can illustrate AND sculpt your ideas. so cool :-) i had a much more eloquent comment written but the ether ate it when i tried to post. humph. i still love your work though!

  2. Thanks Ash! I do love sculpting. I think I should do more of it...