Monday, June 3, 2013

The Woodsman!

Well everyone. I've been blabbing about it for over a year, I've posted on it in the past, and now it has finally happened!! "The Woodsman" (my latest book) is out! It was over a year ago that Seattle-based-author, Shaun Brennan first approached me about possibly self-publishing a book together. He had a manuscript with a lot of potential, so I said yes.

It was a loong process starting with loose (ahem, VERY loose) sketches and page layout planning:

uh, did I mention how horrifically loose I work in the beginning?

...followed by tighter small drawings:

...then I transferred those drawings to a board and recreated them big-like:

it's a lot of steps but I love my process rituals

...then I added color:

oooh the ugly stage...

...and more color:

no more ugly!

...until they were ready for formatting:

 ...and (finally!) printing:

All these photos showed the evolution (from chicken-scratch to published) of a single page from my book, "The Woodsman."

And now all our hard work has paid off! Shaun and I have published our book and it is for sale on for the very reasonable price of $10 (or sometimes cheaper). So go buy one! For everyone you know! Time's a-wastin'!

But seriously thanks for any support you or anyone you know may have given to make this book possible.

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  1. Wow, this is RAD!!! Great work! I'm going to go buy one right now.-Kev O'B