Monday, December 10, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Birds-mas!

Birds for sale! Email me at to reserve one! First come first serve!

           So I hand painted a ton of these bird ornaments. I really love how they turned out, and I was planning on selling them on, but through word of mouth they sold too quickly. So now I have only one of each bird left in stock and I thought I would put it out there to friends and followers and other people before posting them to Etsy. They are $30 each. Would make great gifts. I love doing these so I will more than likely make new ones every xmas so you could eventually collect quite a menagerie of them. Happy holidays!

Here's the cardinal:
Cardinal in tree!
Cardinal front

Cardinal side

Cardinal back
Cardinal signed and dated

The Anna's Hummingbird:
Hummingbird in a tree!
Hummingbird front

Hummingbird side

Hummingbird back

Hummingbird signed and dated
The Partridge:
Partridge in a (non pear) tree!
Partridge front
Partridge side

Partridge back

Partridge signed and dated
 And the Barn Owl:
Barn Owl in a tree!
Barn Owl front

Barn Owl Side

Barn Owl back
Barn Owl signed and dated

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