Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Poe Show" Theatre Poster

I recently finished a project for The Free Theatre company here in Portland, OR. They are putting on a show right now titled "The Poe Show" which is an amazing musical about Edgar Allan Poe's life. It's a dark story of love and loss.
"Poe Show" theatre poster

Consumption was a major theme throughout the musical, as Poe lost the three women closest to him to the deadly disease. One of the few props featured in the production is a blood stained handkerchief, which is passed from victim to victim as she meets her demise. I decided the handkerchief needed just as prominent of a role in the poster as it had in the production.

I executed this piece with a calligraphy pen/ink with watercolor washes and colored pencil over top. Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice Margaux! Digging the pattern and the overall vibe. The Poe stain is classy!

  2. Intriguing image! I would love to see this piece in person and figure out how you actually did it. Did you take any pictures at different stages of making it?

    1. Yeah! Great idea, I'll post my process in the next couple days.