Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Owl Matryoshka Set

This is an owl set I painted with the hopes of putting it up on to see how quickly it sold. Well, it didn't quite make it there as I sold it before even completing the set! And I have three more matryoshka commissions in the works, so I hope you aren't sick of these yet! Whew, busy busy busy. Happy summer everyone!

great horned owl

barn owl

snowy owl

pygmy owl

Owl family portrait. They're a serious bunch.


  1. These are truly remarkable, Margaux! Each one seems to have so much personality. And great job photographing them, too.

  2. Thanks Zach! Cody's camera is amazing. All I have to do is find good light then point and shoot.

  3. Wow. How much did you plan on selling them for on etsy? I adore owls. And these are remarkable! (This is Tia, by the way. :)