Monday, April 25, 2011

Commission: Wedding Invitations

I have been commissioned to do a set of wedding invitations in the same style as the Valentine's cards I did in February. Each invitation is individually hand painted, although this time I printed the drawing out on each card not by hand but with my new, wonderful HP Laserjet Printer! This printer serves my purposes very well and the 90 lb Arches watercolor paper I used for the cards went through the printer without a hitch! The invites are still in progress, but here's one that is complete:

The wedding is an informal backyard wedding, and the couple are active gardeners, so they liked the concept of them working together in an over sized garden of their favorite flowers.

Below is my setup when working with watercolor: Portable palette so I can keep my watercolors (no matter how disorganized) with me wherever I go.  Flat palette for mixing of large swatches of color. Repurposed yogurt container for water, and fairly crappy brushes that I don't have to worry about destroying!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll have an update on those bird matryoshkas I'm working on soon!


  1. That's incredibly great. Love it.

  2. Margaux these look wonderful! I have recently hand painted 4 cards for some super special people & it took me a whole day!
    How big are these? and how many are you painting?

  3. @ Sarah, this is a small wedding so they only need 55 invites. My deadline is this Saturday and I have had a whole month to casually work on them. I have even found time to squeeze in a couple other projects this month so it hasn't been too strenuous. I paint them factory style though, where I mix up a large swatch of color and then do nothing but paint one thing on each card. This saves me a ton of time.

  4. That looks great! Reminds me of Kate Greenaway.