Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Cards!

Hello! For the past month I have been SUPER busy making Valentine's cards to sell at two shows this upcoming weekend in Portlandia! One of the shows (the show that inspired this project in the first place) is called "Fun-a-Day" and is a show of crafty projects where the artists did some creative type project every day for the month of January. The show is a chance for everyone to show and/or sell our makings! As the budding businesswoman I that am I decided to make and sell Valentine cards! That Show is on Saturday, February 12th from 7-10 pm, at St. Davids Church on S.E. Harrison and 28th. The other show I am selling cards at is the Portland Love Show at Gallery Homeland on S.E. Division and 11th. The Portland Love Show features 300+ Portland artists and the opening night is bound to be a party from 7pm-12am, though it is the same night as Fun-a-Day.

Here are photos of some of the cards I have made for the show:

Each card is hand printed and painted, and no two cards are exactly the same. Please come by the the Fun-a-Day show from 7-10. Or Come by the love show (where my sister will be selling cards for me) from 7-12 this Saturday. Thanks for reading, and happy Valentine's Day!