Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantasy Beer Label Show!

Announcement! I am having a show opening in Portland, Oregon at my friend's bike accessory shop called Bikeasaurus. It is this Friday, Nov. 5 from 7-10 pm at the shop on MLK just north of the Hawthorne bridge. Be there. I will bring munchies and wine and you can check out my latest artistic endeavors. Whats more the Bikeasaurus store will be open and you can feel free to shop for all the latest bike related crafts and and accessories. You can check out Bikeasaurus online here.

The above "Tyrannosaurus Stout" label is just a sample of what you will see at the show. The series includes a "Tyrannosaurus Stout," a "Unicorn IPA," an "Octopus' Garden Ale," a "Hen House Bock," a "Flat Tire Ale," a Bikeasaurus Ale," and a "Coat Closet Brew."

1 comment:

  1. awesome! I really like the way you executed this one Margaux.