Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission Accomplished! (or Commission Completed)

This latest Commission I have been working on was a secret gift for a friend's partner. Because it was a secret I couldn't post on the progress of the piece for fear of spoiling the surprise. Now that the piece is delivered the secret's out and I can show you my process. Below is the beautiful photograph I was to paint from.

I took a few liberties with the spacial layout of the piece and drew up a value study/ layout of what I wanted the piece to look like.

After finishing the drawing in graphite on the final board I painted over the whole piece (with acrylic) in a single tone, uniting its overall sense of color, and defining its darks and lights.

Then I slowly started building up color on top of that overall tone until I got to what I wanted. After that I did some final touches with a colored pencil and added some slight texture with a pallet knife and acrylic. E voila!
 "Summit Lake"


  1. This Friend's Partner wishes to express my profound thanks. Your renedering of my place of zen is more than words can express. The care and love you put into this work is nothing short of amazing. Now I will be able to start every day in "Paradise Cove" with the early moring steam rising off the indigo blue waters of "Summit Lake" high in the Oregon Cascades.
    I am so grateful to you and your commitment to your work.
    Ribit Ribit

  2. Hi Margaux...wonderful painting. I remember your friend telling me about the surprise. Glad I can see it.