Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beer Labels!

So, ever since I realized that illustration is what I want to do I can't seem to shake the idea of how awesome it would be to illustrate beer labels. I like brewing beer, tasting beer, and I'm pretty sure I would like making art for beer as well. One of the great things about living in Portland is it's vast, energetic, and booming artisan/microbrew community! We love our flavorful beer here in the NW and we are proud of it. I am excited to have such direct access to the plethora of local upstarts in the brewing industry. Therefore, I am coming up with my own portfolio of beer labels for made up beers. I plan on taking these and shopping them around at some of the microbrew festivals we have in the area. So far these are just sketches though. I plan on adding color traditionally in the next couple days. Take a look:

This one is for a "T-Rex Stout" ...get it? he's stout? it kills me every time.

This one is for a "Unicorn IPA":

This one is for a "Coat Closet Brew":

And last, my favorite the "Octopus' Garden Ale":

I have enjoyed coming up with my imaginary beer names, but if you have any suggestions for beer names that I should illustrate PLEASE help me brainstorm! There are only so many awesome animals (real or not) that I can have in my beer label portfolio before looking like a bit of a one-track-minded geek. Anyway, I hope you can tell how much fun I am having with these. Oh, and if you know anyone who needs beer labels tell them to look me up! Of course, all art on this blog is copyrighted to me, Margaux Meganck, so please respect my art by not stealing or distributing it. Thanks!


  1. Nice illustrations! I have a need for just such a label (involving quail), although it's only for a homemade brew and nothing official :) If you're looking for a small commission, shoot me a line.

  2. oh wow margaux. those are AWESOME!!!! i love how your sketching can be so detailed but i don't get lost and confused in the details, they come together to make the overall picture SO well. and this is probably going to be a big illustration faux pas, but i think the coat closet brew is very chris van allsburg-esque.

  3. I've been wanting to brew a Bock lately- what about "Hot Cock Bock," (I mean a rooster, of course), "Shuttlecock Bock" or "Bocce Ball Bock."

  4. I like all those ideas Zach! Bocce Ball Bock has to include a bocce ball colliding with a cracked pint glass. And Ash, Van Allsburg references will never be a faux pas as far as I a concerned. Thanks guys!

  5. Oh, man, T-Rex stout! I have never seen a T-Rex trying to hold a pint glass before, and it is hilarious.